Curious George at the Jewish Museum

If your travels take you to New York City during the next two months, I would like to highly recommend the special exhibition at the Jewish Museum, Curious George Saves the Day: the Art of Margret and H. A. Rey. The exhibit makes delightful use of the museum's special exhibition space on the 4th floor, detailing a chronology of the Reys' career as children's book creators and their harrowing escape from Paris by bicycle. While providing enough original material to pique the interest of adults, the exhibit space was also appropriate for children with a well-designed interactive time line animation and a whimsical reading room.

While going through this exhibit, I couldn't help but think about the Irene Nemirovsky exhibit at the Jewish Heritage Museum down town. In times of political upheaval and human evil bubbling just beneath the surface, so much is left to chance and the whims of the individual people given authority to decide the fates of others. While the Reys' children's illustrations granted them a free pass to safety, Nemirovsky's fame and literary success could not save her from being branded as a foreigner and fed into a system of destruction.